the birds and the bees

BabyRobins6, originally uploaded by mickeyjohnson.

I finally had a day off (only 29 days without a break... But 30 would have just been crazy)And spring is here, the weather was lovely, and a pile of baby robins were crowding their nest in the bush across from my driveway. So I took some pics.Many more photos if you click through the pic and scroll through my stream forward or backwards.


my new car!

my new car!, originally uploaded by mickeyjohnson.

I have found my next Forester. She's a 2005 XS model and I put a deposit down on her today.

In an amazing act of generousity, my papa has given me the money to pay for the whole cost above what my insurance payout is from the totalling of my old one. I cannot say thanks enough to him for helping me in this way. I was SO unhappy about having to go back to a car payment after so many years without one and this will make the experience of owning a new(er) car even better.


Giveaway on Fair Ivy

I've donated a piece of my jewelry to Fair Ivy to use in their sprize giveaway.  

If you don't know about the site, you should check them out... They sell surprise package supscriptions. Which means exactly what you think, you receive a box with several surprise items inside, many of them handmade by crafters and artists like me.  

You can enter to win my piece or one of the many "s'prize" items they'll be giving away next week by going to the Fair Ivy Blog (and clicking the sprize link at the top of the page).  

If you really don't like surprises and want to see the item I've given them before entering you can check it out over on my blogger blog.